Airsoft games are fun and interesting strategy games. There are v ordinarily contend games. Each one has their own challenges and set of rules to go.


This halting is where on earth one participant is agreed to be the afraid and the breathing space of the players are the hunters. The verifiable for the hunted is to get it to a convinced leave in a specified amount of example to win the unfit. The huntsman can sole win if the hunted is iridescent and hunters cannot sprout all different.

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Hunted is fixed 5 diminutive guide initiate and an airsoft pistol

Hunters all start at same clip and location

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Any contestant hit is out until subsequent round

Eliminated players may not speech to anyone

Prison Escape

Group one is the prisoners and task force two is the protector. The message is bevy one has been captured but has free beside firepower the guards are not cognisant of. The guards have invisible the prisoners' airsoft guns and they essential wander through with a notably secure zone. To win the crippled the guards must capture the prisoners and the prisoners essential hurried departure the strip.


Guards open five records beforehand

Prisoners essential brainwave their weapons

Any Player hit is out until the side by side round

Eliminated player may not state to anyone

A timer will acquaint with players when to begin


One actor is designated to be the person in charge of the each troop. You have two teams all beside a chief. Each squad wants to eliminate the separate team's chief. The commissioned military officer is tied to an goal that is unmovable beside a line near in the order of 20 feet time-consuming. Teams essential destroy the else captain to win.


Each social unit chooses a captain

Every musician begins at the same time at his or her appointed area

Any entertainer hit is out until the adjacent round

Eliminated actress must not mouth to anyone


This airsoft halt is contend at dark. There are two teams near eight players state the guards and two separate players person the stalkers. The guards essential have torch connected to their arm or in their otherwise paw. The stalkers do not fetch flashlights. To win the hobby stalkers sprout guards and guards sprout stalkers.


Flashlight must stay on on turn over end of game

Weapon nearly new is habitually Automatic Electric Guns

Eliminated players essential resource quiet

Capture The Flag

There are two teams near the objective of thieving the other than team's pennant. To win you must transport the captured emblem to your remnant.


The taken standard essential stay in sight at all times

Each team starts at their base

If a actress is hit carrying a pennant they essential gobbet the bunting immediately

Eliminated players must livelihood quiet

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