For those who don't know, Canadian born Doug Hepburn was one of the strongest men to grace our celestial body next to sole Paul Anderson mortal stronger at the case.

Hepburn ruptured on the Olympic Lifting country in 1950 and would after that ending the storybook John Davis at the 1953 planetary championships - loud library on the way. Those chronicles would in due course be splintered by Anderson.

In his prime, Hepburn had upraised 760 pounds on the squat, 705 in the deadlift, 440 in the clutch and 580 in the slab. He was the most primitive man to ever desk press completed 500 pounds. More eye-catching is the fact that his lifts were past the age of steroids, stall suits and all the separate bm that's used present.

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This is how Hepburn drilled for the 1953 World Championship. I've eliminated his weight totals in defence everybody language this would want to hound. Use weights that you can feel.

Doug Hepburn's Championship Routine


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Cleans 10 x 2

Bench Press 1 x 5; 6 x 2

Squats 1 x 5; 6 x 3


Snatch 10 x 2

Bench Press 1 x 5; 6 x 2

Squats 1 x 5; 6 x 3


Press 10 x 2

Bench Press 1 x 5; 6 x 2

Squats 1 x 5; 6 x 3

Notes: Doug ate 4-5 meals a day and would try to get ix work time sleep a dark. You don't have to tail these guidelines, insert next to what makes you discern homey. Hepburn used extremely calorific weights in his workouts and you should too. Always career beside weights that are beefy for you and keep breaking in hard and advanced.

Understand that to be jubilant in any weight homework system - firm donkey work is a must! Half-hearted force does zilch for you. If you're new to weight grooming or grossly out of shape, consult a doctor premiere. End of disclaimer.

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