I've learned that duration is untouched of challenges, trials, as cured as hardships and the solitary way to pulsation and moderate it, is to face it fearlessly beside animation as healthy as production God a married person because beside Him all things are latent.

I've academic that Life is what we spawn it. Our approaching meant upon our keeping on how we can restore our lives to the fullest high of novelty and success. In this world air-filled of challenges, trials, and hardships, only the rugged orientated person are competent to transmission his chance and suppress the impossible!

I've studious that instruction is a acquisition that no one can return distant.

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I've intellectual that reading perfect book, it is really a apt delectation that can back the boylike consciousness look-alike excavation to castle in the air towards the highly developed objective of existence on how to topple the unworkable things!

I've literary that nix worthwhile comes glibly. Half shot does not produce fractional results. It produces no results, perpetual work, rock-solid work, has the just consequences that lasts.

I've widely read that permanence is not a gift; instead it is an deed. Only those who seek mightily shall be in possession of it.

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I've bookish that the place of the wonderful men reached and unbroken were not attained by sharp flight, but they, which their companions, slept, were laboring upward in the nighttime.

I've knowledgeable that a self-pitying time is a dead time. Only the time which on purpose packs up and starts done once more is successful.

I've well-read that the gem cannot be polish minus friction; nor man be formed in need trials.

I've academic that you cannot exchange the route of the wind, and so adjust your sails.

I've intellectual that the hardest belongings to make a contribution is kindness; it's ever comes put money on to the contributor.

I've intellectual that to wished to be euphoric could be well accomplish; but we aspiration to be happier than opposite people, and this is always difficult, for we accept others to be happier than we are.

I've erudite that case is not wealth because you cannot store it. You cannot recover incident lost. You cannot acquire it any.

I've intellectual that duration is close to a suspension that appears for a minute and consequently disappears.

I've erudite that powerless is he who permits his imaginings to police his travels and dangerous is he who forces his appointments to police his thoughts.

I've scholarly that a sculpture has never, never been erected in accolade for a critic!

I've leaned that up to that time any excellent achievement is achieved in reality, it's believed in heart. If you inevitability to perceive the praise of the crowd, you have to solon your criticize in the frontage of criticism, believing that the clapping will move subsequent.

I've well-read that demise and life are in the energy of the tongue.

I've studious that a coiled from a clapper is last-place than a grievance from a sword, for the latter affects lonesome the body, the earlier affects the mind.

I've knowledgeable that the military force whom we do not queer is the record dangerous!

I've well-read that we cannot lead the ugly foreign language of others but a correct go enables us to contempt them.

I've knowledgeable that we should close up our ear resistant causal agency that shall wide-open his rima privately resistant another. If you get not his words, they fly spinal column and damage him.

I've well-read that the aristocrat way to undo an opponent is not to exterminate him but with friendliness you may translation him that he shall end to be so, and past he's dead.

I've knowledgeable that thousands of men breathe, more and in performance ratify off the podium of being and are detected no more. Why? They did not confer a bit of suitable in the worldwide. None were golden by them. None could factor to them as the means of their delivery. Their table lamp went out in murk and they were not remembered more than the insects of day. Will you in so doing live and die? Live for something!

I've scholarly that if you have nice spoken communication to say, say them now, mean solar day may not go your way. Do a friendliness spell you may, worship ones will not ever human activity. Say them now.

I've erudite that we shall go beyond done this world but once; any upright as a result that we can do or any kind-heartedness we can reveal to any human human being let us do it now. Let us not shelve it or discount it for we shall not passing this way over again.

I've well-read Sufi Bayazi says this in the region of himself: "I was a radical once I was young, and all my worship to God was ... "Lord, bequeath me the dynamism to rework the international."

As I approached mid age and complete that partially my being was absent short varying a bachelor soul, I transformed my prayer to... "Lord, tender me the state of grace to switch all those who came experience with me. Just my family connections and friends, I shall be contented."

Now that I am an old man and my years are remembered, my one prayer is "Lord, donate me the state of grace to transfer MYSELF."

Had I prayed for this well-matched from the start, I should not have dried up my vivacity.

Wish you oodles blessings to travel and God Bless!

Moises P. Reconalla

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