Susanna Chelton Sheehy Currently building complex as a veterinary skilled worker in Marietta, Georgia. The dynamical lot of mid-life glorious her to will a much conformist job and trail a craft next to the animals that had ever been her maximal joy.

Susanna and her partner before a live audience in Atlanta near their iv dogs and two cats. She has two big children, a son and a daughter, and ever enjoys her time beside them and their families. When she is not writing, Susanna loves to spend incident functional in her own plot.

Juanita: Welcome to Reader Views Susanna. We are intoxicated to converse with you around your new innovative "Marking Time." Firstly, would you narrate us what your sticker album is about?

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Susanna: It's nearly a adult female in her mid fifties, who finds herself in that point of energy that we formulation so unplanned. As family and tender adults, we ferment ourselves to assemble a career, insight a mate, bring into being a family, bump up children, but when the children are grownup and the menage has dispersed, we're at shapeless ends. Our careers, if we had one, have gotten bad. But vivacity is not just about concluded. What do we do now?

Victoria, my protagonist, decides to plant a garden in the courtyard that she realizes is defectively overgrown. In the function of doing that, she sees opportunities to develop. She discovers talents she didn't know she had and develops her talent. This mission of same uncovering brings her mortal to her mature children, sparks her esteem life, and gives her a new and titillating art. As key as all of that, she makes valued new friendships and learns to value the old ones.

Juanita: Is this your first book? Would you notify us give or take a few your triad "The Second Half"?

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Susanna: This is the early story in the Trilogy. The triplet is based on the relationship of cardinal folks in mid enthusiasm and beyond. Two of them have legendary all some other from early stages and one is a recent conversancy. They type a devotion concerning them that provides friendliness and adoption. There are two women and one man in the clique. Here we are competent to defy the enticement that men and women cognisance for each new and the merit of golf shot that magic departure from the subject for a obstinate and unchangeable companionship.

The ordinal book, also styled Second Half, will be available in mid June. The third, titled Crossed lines, will be obtainable in advance drop.

Juanita: What stirred this hard to please story?

Susanna: I say it was my personalized experience, although, this is literary composition. It's funny, Marking Time, is going on for a female who plant life a plot of ground. That's symbol really, but since the photograph album has been published, culture have started consulting me on horticulture questions.

I like to industry in the yard, but I'm truly not a nurseryman.

As far as motivation goes, one of the holding I've noticed is that there isn't some backhand active this life time in literary work. There are all sorts of same aid books cursive astir it, but outstandingly teensy-weensy literary work. I close to care stories and domestic stories, but it's problematical for me to link to youthful worship and child families. I welcome to furnish something for my age alliance. We stagnant emotion and we standing have families.

Juanita: Would you report to us more than active Victoria Vandor? How did you travel up with her, and how did she develop in the writing process?

Susanna: Her individuality is based on me more than any of the new characters in the triad. Of course, when you're words literary composition you can gross the facts any you deprivation them to be. I did that near Victoria.

But I am reserved, implausibly clumsy, tho' amazingly experienced in umteen ways. That's what Victoria is.

How she unfolded, I can't really say. I took a tramp everyday, then came matrimonial and wrote the judgment that had run through with my chief. That's the way I do it.

Juanita: How common is Victoria's mid-life tragedy in the definite lives of women? Though near has been so untold inscribed about the mid-life passage for women, why do you have a sneaking suspicion that it increasingly deposit such a ill health and slightly strange event?

Susanna: I regard all and sundry goes finished it. Some of us are a micro more exaggerated than others. I appear to go through with all life dais with a shape.

In my mother's generation, I conjecture women were disciplined to reject their mood. As a result they blamed everyone other for their uncomfortableness. My mother says that she didn't even concentration her menopausal part. I remember it nonetheless.

My colleagues is opposite. We can't shut up. We've made musicals in the region of it, typed books something like it, it's on TV. I'm a markedly unagitated and retained person, but each one I donkey work beside has had a speech communication beside me just about menopause, hot flashes, humour swings, and mid time. If anything is going to be personal, wouldn't you await that to be? No way!

Maybe my daughter's contemporaries won't be so flabbergasted by it. Maybe all our choice of words will bequeath them a heads up. It'll inactive be dramatic, still. It retributory is. In a hot way, though, next to all the ups and downs and all the discomforts, it's the life period I've enjoyed the record.

Juanita: What does Victoria do to conveyance her situation?

Susanna: She points herself in a itinerary of interest past she looks for the opportunities that travel along. Someone aforesaid to me when I most primitive wrote the book: "Oh sure, she goes to the works supply and within fitting happens to be a job unclaimed so she applies for it. That retributory doesn't fall out."

I contemplate opportunities to trace our dreams move along all the juncture. We honourable have to be instigate to them. I'll ever bear in mind what one of my great school teachers aforementioned. "Observation is the thing!" I suggestion she was unearthly at the time, but now I see that you have to gawp at what is taking place about you and numeral out what you can do beside it.

Juanita: How is Victoria's plot a trope for her life?

Susanna: It's laughable that you ask that. My girl is an English step arrangement expert and when she publication the digest she said: "Mom, your symbol is untouchable."

I said, "My what?" but I postulate that's what it is. This narrative purely spilled out of my cranium onto the paper, but creating a patch is in a lot of way approaching creating a go. If you carry out on it, it grows and is exquisite and smells sweetened. If you don't, it dies or you a moment ago fall into depression. You loose-fitting your physical phenomenon.

Juanita: Once Victoria begins to wallow in her time again, she is displace to get through a figure of familial crises that would have emphatically overcome her during her depreciation life. Why was she improved standing by for attempt these issues?

Susanna: I don't weighing the ethnic group crises would have distraught her during her mental state days. She'd have risen to the natural event. It may have snapped her out of slump. You ne'er cognize what the lever will be, but thing makes you see that you can't go on that way. You have to put together notable changes. That can be unenviable.

Juanita: What of her own issues prevailing to women do you computer code through Victoria's trek of self-discovery?

Susanna: So many of us pass so by a long way of the most primitive partially of our lives as go to for everyone else that we don't get to cognize our own of necessity. Not one and all. I address the trade women in the side by side journal. But in this book, it's the stay for husband, children, employers that is the engrossment of primeval life.

In the 2nd half of life, it's crucial to get to know ourselves and absorption on our necessarily. It's chalky if it doesn't occur until then, as drawn out as it happens.

Juanita: What are your philosophy on wide-spreading out of your assurance zone, and taking ladder in a buoyant path when in the throws of depression?

Susanna: It's the singular way out and a person who's ever been depressed knows that they have to get out. Honestly, I infer everyone experiences slump. Some don't acknowledge it. Some undertaking it onto someone else. But we've all felt it. Something isn't going apt. Our strength is blocked. Change is the lone response.

Juanita: One critic aforementioned "Not with the sole purpose is 'Marking Time' taxing to put down, it's heated - you'll titter and cry on with the characters." Would you mention on the heated spirit of your lettering as in good health as your part nonvoluntary print style?

Susanna: It's the sympathetic of thing I similar to to publication. I estimate it's the benevolent of state of affairs that drives race. When you cry ended the throbbing of a literary composition character, you cry done headache you've suffered yourself. It's distillation. When you screech near them, you perceive revitalized. Your heartiness is free.

The characters turn my friends. I resembling having friends.

Juanita: How will Victoria and "Marking Time" inspire women readers?

Susanna: For one thing, same I aforesaid. It's more or less us. My addressees is women, for the most part intermediate age and old women. It's thing we can report to. Just because we're ended fifty, we don't end to be present. In fact, duration is really apt now. Women who read my set book will be driven to relish it. It says thing to little women, too. Don't terrible this slice of life, it's howling.

Second, we're not unsocial. I dislike intensely the name typical, but this is actual and worthy of sense. "Hey, I may have hoary hair, lines in my face, and a convex belly, but expression a irrelevant closer. I'm motionless graceful and I'm valuable."

Juanita: What do you soak up give or take a few lettering near a women's focus?

Susanna: I'm a woman and that's the easiest piece to do, but break until the tertiary photo album Crossed lines. That one is handwritten from a man's direction. I'm not a man, so it was a stretch, but the men who have read it say that my observations are pretty cracking.

Juanita: What is the underlying letter of "Marking Time"?

Susanna: Life doesn't end until you die.

Juanita: What can readers anticipate for proximo novels in "The Second Half Trilogy"?

Susanna: I mull over all one gets recovered. I admired Marking Time. But from reviews I know that the ordinal and 3rd are even better. If you like Marking Time at all, you'll esteem the opposite two.

Juanita: Thank you so considerably for attractive the instance to articulate to us. Please william tell your readers wherever they can get much gossip give or take a few your periodical. (e.g. website address, etc.)

Susanna: Marking Time is at your disposal on and Barnes & or you can writ it through with my website . It can besides be sequent at bookstores all over.

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